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Elemental wisdom has the greatest power of creation in this reality.

Sometimes I think about the creators sitting around wondering how to make this world, they came up with this brilliant idea:

THE FOUR ELEMENTS: They are the four directions that will guide the entire reality from start to finish. The elements have been here since the beginning of time—for real.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAP INTO YOUR ELEMENTAL WISDOM -- For you as a Creator, Angel, Producer, Mother, Being to enter in the process of maturing into a (dare I say it) demi-god. A god in training.

To do so you have to figure out the tools of the Magician. In the tarot deck the Magician has on his table all four elements.

To do any magic, any creation at all: you have to hold the four elements in your hands/ heart.

In the Meet The Elements classes learn how to harness the magic and power of the elements & activate your innate Magician.

Whether you have taken all my classes or are brand new to my work you will benefit from this class.

Even if you have taken all levels of Applied Astrology or Inner View, where I introduce you to the elements from the Astrological point of view this will be different and complimentary with a focus on the Psychology point of view.

The curriculum will be 4 classes, and each class will focus on an element: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

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