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Join me for Meet The Planets: Up Close & Personal where I am the translator so you can understand the language and discover what planet is guiding you most.

Every one reading this has a series of cosmic, planetary influences directing your psychology and your personality.

Once you have the language for this you will find that there is compassionate way to look over at your story/life/voices and see the cosmic lessons and reasons for YOUR challenges.

In these classes I help you see the cosmic influencer for you so you can bring it down to earth and discover how it manifests /womenfests in you.

Here is the full class curriculum for the 4 classes:

Class 1: Ego, Psyche & F*cked Up Emotions: Includes Sun, Moon & Mercury

Class 2: Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus: Includes Venus & Mars

Class 3: The Power Hitters: Joy vs Misery: Includes Jupiter & Saturn

Class 4: Esoteric Laws: Includes Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

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