Continual Stars: The Psychology of Tarot


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Learn The Major Arcana & The 4 Elements

In times of old, the tarot cards appeared as a tapestry of multiple religions and philosophies, presenting their symbology, ideology, and divination tools. What few know is that every major arcana card is associated to a sign or a planet, and the minor arcana are related to the 4 Elements, as described by Astrology.

In this special 4-part masterclass, Debra will break down, using the major arcana, the stories that over-arch the heroine’s path to awakening, and how that story connects with the heavens.

Once you see the story unfolded, you will understand how each card is a step along your journey, and how to utilize the cards as meditation tools individually or in a reading to be interpreted for a specific question.

When you join The Psychology of Tarot you will be invited to our online learning platform with the following classes: