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Psychological Gold Inner Circle

A LIVE sacred monthly inner circle intended to cultivate the wisdom keeper in you -- turning dark and hopeless patterns into light and lightness. Soothing what ails you using the power of Silver-woman's golden therapeutic toolbox with ancient Astrological and Elemental codes of healing. We will virtually hold one another’s hands, holding space for everyone in the room as we tap into an Astrological healing container steeped in the 4 Elements.

Guided Meditations and Prayers

Monthly Moon Wisdom

Applying the Medicine with Key New Moon Directives

Discover Your Own Medicine as the Witness

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No Risk Guarantee!

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Nicole Walters

with The Star Library - BONUS FREE!!

The Astrology resource you will come back to again and again!!

The Star Library is an archived collection of Debra Silverman’s best!! You can study your chart, go through all the signs, all the planets/houses, and begin your lifelong study with this material as the foundation that will give you accurate, simple content. There is enough here to fill your head with stars, wisdom, and all things cosmic!!

Refund Policy

Psychological Gold Membership is a monthly, 6 month or 12 month bundle or recurring membership subscription. Membership for either the bundle or recurring subscriptions is non-refundable and rescheduling to a later date is not permitted.

Membership Cancelation Policy

Cancelations for the 6 month or 12 bundles are not permitted. Members who would like to cancel a recurring membership for monthly, 6 month or 12 month recurring subscription are required to contact DSA at least 7 days prior to their next scheduled billing date.

Please contact for questions regarding Psychological Gold Membership policies.

* Please note if you cancel your Psychological Gold recurring subscription you will not retain access to The Star Library.

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